“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.”
― Jim Henson


The Innocent evokes feelings of innocence through pure memories, family togetherness, and having a childlike sensibility.

The Innocent shows a reality where people are in harmony and unstained from the cynicism of the rest of the world — they show life through the eyes of a child.

Often they will actually focus their products or services on children and feature them in their ads, but this isn’t always the case.

Others may work to remind adults that having a pure spirit does not simply reside in childhood.

If the Lover is about love through sensuality, the Innocent is about love through purity and family.

Often their values will be against cruelty whether that is gore, sex, or even bad language (ie Nintendo).

While many companies are obviously against cruelty, the Innocent reveals a world without it, where life is about community and the goodness of mankind.

While play can also be at the center of their message they are not to be confused with the Creator because, for the Innocent, play is not about creation, but about enjoying the spirit of togetherness and celebrating the human spirit.

benu creative brand strategy brand archetype icons innocent
benu creative brand strategy brand archetype icons innocent


The Lover’s primary goal is to evoke feelings of love and intimacy.

Because the Lover yearns to be desired, both physically and emotionally, they entice others by engaging all their senses with beauty and desire.

This is often accomplished by depicting romantic or sensual imagery in their branding and marketing.

While these can be the classic “sex sells” companies, they can alternately be brands focused on relationship dynamics and explore the romantic feelings shared within them.

Brands with this type tend to be provocative, enticing, flirtatious, and indulgent.

Core Belief

Innocent Goals

To find the purity and harmony of innocence that creates peace and happiness for all people.

Characteristic Traits

Tone Traits

















Target Audience

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An easy answer would be to say that children are a target market of the Innocent. While this is certainly true, adults who yearn for a simpler time, a simpler way of life, to escape the acrimony of adult life will be one of the greatest supporters of your brand.

Adults that want to do more than protect their children, but protect the child inside will advocate for your brand.

The Innocent offers something few other types can — purity. As we grow we become wise to the brokenness of life and the Innocent reminds us that innocence resides with us.

The Innocence shows us the wonder of a child’s eyes and opens up the possibilities of a world unstained from the corruption and darkness of our bitter nature but reminds us of what it was like to be young and pure.

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