Building Brand Recognition Like a Pro [Step by Step Guide]

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There are many opinions on what the least expensive and most effective form of marketing and advertising is.

Many say it’s content marketing. Others say it’s building an email list. But it’s neither of these.

Not only do these pale in comparison to the best form of marketing, they are also more expensive.

In fact, the best marketing for your business is actually completely free!

Would you like to know what it is?

It’s Word of Mouth.

Good word of mouth comes from having a stellar reputation with your audience and your people.

After all, if your employees bad mouth you outside of business hours or your customers tell others to avoid you because of a bad experience this damages your reputation. As a result, these bad word of mouth experiences will drive people away from your business.

There is a misconception that branding is just about the appearance of business — that it’s all about colors, logos, and fonts. This could not be further from the truth.

This might be why so many start marketing without first defining their brand.

This is a huge mistake!


Marketing isn’t your message, Branding is your Message.”


In fact, defining your aesthetic without clearly defining your message often results in poor design.


“When there are too many things to see, you see nothing.” – Wong Kar Wai


All behaviors originate from beliefs and our beliefs are the foundational cornerstone to our identities. Our identities are defined by what we believe about ourselves and the world.

Unfortunately, this is why some companies either don’t know how to behave or they chase the wrong things to achieve success.

When you know what you believe, you know what values are at the core of your actions, and those core values will guide and inform every decision you make.

Consider this, do you remember what it was like when you believed in Santa Claus? You behaved completely differently on Christmas morning, didn’t you?

You’d wake early with anticipation to sneak a peak of Jolly Ol’ Saint Nick, right?

Then one day your beliefs changed and, as a result, your behaviors changed with them. (Bet you prefer to sleep in on Christmas now, don’t ya?)

A change in your beliefs altered the values you now hold and how you live them out — where once you valued catching a glimpse of Santa, you now instead value sleep.

This is why it’s crucial to know what your company stands for so that you don’t fall prey to chasing every trend and only gaining that disenfranchised feeling that comes from lacking true purpose.

Lock this in early because when behavior shifts dramatically so does audience loyalty.

Branding is all about discovering who you are. 

Let’s Discover Your Brand Together!

Chapter 1 : Mission & Values

A clear, authentic mission statement unites you and your team toward a common goal to show the world where you are going. Want to craft yours? Here’s how!

Chapter 2 : Brand Name

Choosing a brand name can be difficult. Picking a brand name to represent your business starts with knowing your mission and values, and it starts here.

Chapter 3 : Logo

A logo is more than a design, it’s a symbol of your brand. Discover the secrets to an unforgettable logo design. 

Chapter 4 : Typography

Meaning gets assigned to words and the types of fonts we apply create meaning as well. Learn how you can add personality to your brand with Typography.

Chapter 5 : Color

Benu Creative Branding And Marketing Solutions Bringing Focus To Your Brand Branding Colors, Brand Colors

Nature has always used color to convey branded messages, but for those of us for whom it comes less naturally here’s how to choose your brand’s color palette.

Chapter 6 : Tone

Benu Creative Brand Tone Of Voice

Your brand’s tone of voice is the embodiment of your brand’s personality, beliefs, and core values. Brands with a clearly defined tone of voice express these traits to attract the right audience to them.

Chapter 7 : Branded Photography

Benu Creative Branding And Marketing Bringing Focus To Your Brand Photography

Just as every artist has their own signature, your brand presentation, if done right, can become yours and branded photography is one of the best ways to create that defining signature.

Chapter 8 : Imagery

Benu Creative Branding And Marketing Bringing Focus To Your Brand Imagery
Choosing the right brand imagery attaches meaningful associations and experiences to your brand in the mind of your audience.


When it comes to branding effectively you don’t have to know everything, but it’s crucial that you understand the mission and values of your business.

Just knowing this will help you tremendously in defining your messaging and helping it to properly land and resonate with your audience.

It’s best to start here because this is the heart and soul of your business.

Then once you’ve got this down start working through each of the steps one by one.

So many businesses rush into things because they are afraid to be outdone by their competition.

If this is you, take a step back and understand that you’ve unknowingly made fear a core value in your business — that will guide you down the wrong path and toward poor operational behaviors.

Take your time to review these Branding steps and if you need help we’re always just a phone call or email away.


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Building Brand Recognition FAQs

What is branding and why is it important?

Branding is the core of what makes your business unique from your competition. It is the personality of your business. It covers everything from what your business’s mission is, to the tone you use to communicate with your customers, to the unique visual style you use to convey your core message to your audience.

Why is building a brand important?

It’s pivotal for everyday operations as well as future development. Branding is the core of what makes your business unique from your competition. It is the personality of your business. It covers everything from what your business’s mission is, to the tone you use to communicate with your customers, to the unique visual style you use to convey your core message to your audience. This is why businesses that don’t start with branding or don’t have a clear idea of their brand don’t succeed as well as those who do.


How does branding help my business?

Branding is the compass for your business. It’s pivotal for everyday operations as well as future development. It’s what makes you stand apart from your competition. This is why businesses that don’t start with branding or don’t have a clear idea of their brand don’t succeed as well as those who do. 

What are components of a brand?

Start with the 3 Cs to develop a strong brand.

1. Core – define your mission, values, and business plan.

2. Character – define your tone of voice, customer experience and interaction, brand personality, and your interests as a business.

3. Composition – choose a logo, color palette, typography, and other visual aspects of your business based on the different parts of your core and character. Don’t just start with your logo.

Everything stems from these 3 Cs. Decisions on your website, social media, store layout, customers, employees…everything. So branding not only helps your business, it’s essential for it to flourish.

How do I create my brand?

Establish your mission and values.

Identify your ideal customer and target audience.

Determine your unique value proposition (UVP).

Choose colors and fonts to fit your brand.

Create an unforgettable logo and tagline.

Tell your story visually.

Choose professional photography over stock images.

Integrate your brand into every part of your business.

Craft a strong brand message.

Be authentic.

Be consistent (in tone and your marketing schedule).

How do I build brand name recognition?

It is important to remember your brand is not your name or logo — it’s your reputation. Brand name recognition is something you build up to, but it starts with knowing your mission and values. Remember a name can be stained by a bad reputation. Therefore, if you are truly living out your mission and values you will establish a positive association with your brand name. Imagine your brand as a person and ask yourself what the personality of the brand is. Then test to see if that personality fits with your mission and values.

How can I establish a strong brand identity/personality?

Customer perception is based on the vibe and persona your business gives off.

Think of your brand as if it was a person. If your brand was a person how would you describe it?

The components of a successful brand personality stem from its core, character, and composition.

Your mission and values are at the heart and soul of your brand.

The business plan is the brain.

And all the styles and tones you apply to it create a composition to fill out a complete personality.

What is the difference between having a logo and branding?

A logo is just one component of branding. Branding encompasses everything about your business that makes it unique — mission, unique value, tone, visual style — whereas your logo is an insignia that represents your brand as a whole.

Think of this in terms of country’s flags from around the world. While each flag is unique and represents the country it relates to, it also evokes emotions of the history and culture to those who live under that flag. The country’s brand is comprised of the values and unique cultural distinctions within it, whereas the flag is the enduring symbol or logo of that country. Your logo should act as a symbol that represents the ideals and values within your brand.

What is the difference between branding and marketing?

Contrary to popular belief: Marketing isn’t your message, Branding is your message. Branding relates to the identity and personality of your business. Essentially it is everything from the mission and value of your company to how it is visually represented in your marketing. Marketing, on the other hand, is the vehicle used to share your brand. Marketing is any tool or technique that you use to share your brand’s identity with your customers. Simply put, if branding is your story, marketing is how you share that story.

How do I select the best Brand Agency/ Brand Company?

The simple answer is you need to find a branding agency that’s best for you. Find one that can meet your needs at a price point that grows and elevates your business, not hinders it. If you’re a startup with limited capital, a smaller agency might be the best fit. If you’re a multi-million dollar corporation, make sure the agency (or consultants, in house reps, etc) can handle what you’re trying to achieve. As more and more middlemen come into the picture as you grow, make sure you know what they’re actually doing for you and that you see results. Sometimes it’s a bit of both. At Benu Creative, we take a personal, highly customized approach so you get what your business needs. No extra fluff and not anything less. We also believe in educating our clients so they know what they’re getting. If that sounds good to you, contact us!

How can I be effective at marketing my brand online?

Understand your brand message

Create an amazing user experience

Understand the Phases of Intent that customers travel through when researching products and services

Craft content that offers your audience value

Promote your content

Build trust with content that answers common customer inquiries

Engage with your audience on social media

Don’t keep it all online — network!

Be consistent with your message, tone, and posting schedule

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