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Key Takeaways

Branding & Marketing FAQs

What is branding and why is it important?
Branding is the core of what makes your business unique from your competition. It is the personality of your business. It covers everything from what your business’s mission is, to the tone you use to communicate with your customers, to the unique visual style you use to convey your core message to your audience.
How does branding help my business?

Branding is the compass for your business. It’s pivotal for everyday operations as well as future development. It’s what makes you stand apart from your competition. This is why businesses that don’t start with branding or don’t have a clear idea of their brand don’t succeed as well as those who do. Start with the 3 Cs to develop a strong brand. 1. Core – define your mission, values, and business plan. 2. Character – define your tone of voice, customer experience and interaction, brand personality, and your interests as a business. 3. Composition – choose a logo, color palette, typography, and other visual aspects of your business based on the different parts of your core and character. Don’t just start with your logo. Everything stems from these 3 Cs. Decisions on your website, social media, store layout, customers, employees…everything. So branding not only helps your business, it’s essential for it to flourish.

What are components of a brand?

Branding starts with mission and values and a well-crafted business plan to create a great customer experience and perception. Your customers’ perception will stem from how you interact with your customer, the tone of voice used in your marketing, what your business invests in, as well as the color palette, fonts, icons, photography, and logo.

How do I create my brand?

Establish your mission and values

Identify your ideal customer and target audience

Determine your unique value proposition (UVP)

Choose colors and fonts to fit your brand

Create an unforgettable logo and tagline

Tell your story visually

Choose professional photography over stock images

Integrate your brand into every part of your business

Craft a strong brand message

Be authentic

Be consistent (in tone and your marketing schedule)

How can I establish a strong brand identity/personality?

Customer perception is based on the vibe and persona your business gives off.

Think of your brand as if it was a person. If your brand was a person how would you describe it?

The components of a successful brand personality stem from its core, character, and composition.

Your mission and values are at the heart and soul of your brand.

The business plan is the brain.

And all the styles and tones you apply to it create a composition to fill out a complete personality.



What is the difference between having a logo and branding?
A logo is just one component of branding. Branding encompasses everything about your business that makes it unique — mission, unique value, tone, visual style — whereas your logo is an insignia that represents your brand as a whole. Think of this in terms of country’s flags from around the world. While each flag is unique and represents the country it relates to, it also evokes emotions of the history and culture to those who live under that flag. The country’s brand is comprised of the values and unique cultural distinctions within it, whereas the flag is the enduring symbol or logo of that country. Your logo should act as a symbol that represents the ideals and values within your brand.
What is the difference between branding and marketing?
Branding relates to the identity and personality of your business. Essentially it is everything from the mission and value of your company to how it is visually represented in your marketing. Marketing, on the other hand, is the vehicle used to share your brand. Marketing is any tool or technique that you use to share your brand’s identity with your customers. Simply put, if branding is your story, marketing is how you share that story.

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