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Reclaim Your Business & Your Life

Transformative faith-based coaching for families & business leaders who want to reclaim their faith, family, finances and freedom.

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Reclaim Your Business & Your Life

Transformative faith-based coaching for families & business leaders who want to reclaim their faith, family, finances and freedom.

Helping You grow your…









Tired of sacrificing your faith, family, and free time at the altar of busyness?…


Uncertain about how to honor God with your business, yet feel you're compromising your integrity?


Struggling to leave work at work and be present with your family at home?


Intimate time with God takes a backseat to important tasks that "need to be done"?


Uncertain about your financial future and want to learn how to take back control of your finances?


Feel you lack the leadership skills needed to make a greater impact?


Are you underwater, so consumed with work you're unable to get ahead or enjoy life?

discover your calling live out your calling

Faith-based Business Coaching

With a faith-based approach, you’ll receive
one-on-one attention to help you thrive.


What is Truth?

Who is God? Who am I?

checkmark Enjoy a deeper intimacy with God

checkmark Learn what you were designed for

checkmark Share your faith confidently


What is my purpose?

Made in His image

checkmark Discover your God-given purpose

checkmark Obtain a sense of fulfillment

checkmark Have a greater impact on others


What is the right way?

Let God lead.

checkmark Gain clearer direction

checkmark Make decisions with confidence

checkmark Build effective business strategies


What is Godly Character?

Establish a godly reputation.

checkmark Develop a godly brand identity

checkmark Improve relationships with customers

checkmark Build stronger case studies


What is Leadership?

Become a servant leader.

checkmark Create a healthy company culture

checkmark Effectively resolve conflict

checkmark Establish loyalty & trust with teams

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What is Rest?

Experience the blessing of sabbath.

checkmark Achieve work-life balance

checkmark Effectively manage your time

checkmark Enjoy more time with family

Live Out Your Higher Calling

The Truth & Dare Guide to a Godly Business

Most of our lives are spent at work, so this should be where we achieve our greatest potential, right? Sadly most people seem to meander through life, in a 9-5 grind, searching for some greater purpose which seems to elude them.

For Christians it’s often no different–most of us feel we must wait until we get home to be a man or woman of faith that impacts the Kingdom of Heaven. In this desperate search for meaning we find ourselves bound to busyness, trading our faith, our families, and our freedom in exchange for the lie that all these efforts will someday make us worthy.

This workbook explores the major pitfalls that keep us from achieving all we were made to become, providing practical faith-based solutions to reclaiming our businesses and our lives. God made you on purpose for a purpose–are you ready to discover what that purpose is?

checkmark Discover your true identity in Christ

checkmark Identify your God-given purpose

checkmark Build a godly reputation & character

checkmark Live and lead with confidence, security, & boldness

checkmark Find rest in the peace, presence, & provision of God


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Who We Are

Meet Your Coach

We believe purposeful work is about living out your true design.”

gabriel shields

Gabriel Shields

Leadership Coach | Fisher of Businessmen

In 2021, as my business was going under, I chose to invest all his time into saving it, leaving my wife without her husband. After nearly losing my marriage to my business, I knew he had to make a change. I looked to every source I could think of, but nothing worked. That is, until I sought God and the redemptive power of Jesus. My wife, Kelly, and I have now been happily married for six years and are raising a wonderful son together.

gabriel shields2

Leadership Coach | Fisher of Businessmen

My experience revealed to me something profound–if the only authority on marriage that had any power to save it was Jesus, then why was I looking to every source and expert other than the Bible to run my business? Thus began a two year journey to seek the Truth in God’s Word which ultimately paved the way to creating the Truth & Dare Guide to a Godly Business designed to help business leaders discover their true identity, find their purpose, and equip them to meaningfully live them out.

In addition to being a leadership coach, author, and self-proclaimed fisher of businessmen, I founded Narrabbit Books with the help of my wife, which publishes works of fiction touching on Christian themes such as identity and purpose. We also pastor the high schoolers of Calvary Chapel Albany where I am infamously known amongst the youth for my terrible dad jokes (but are there any other kind?).

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